Evergreen Don Valley Brickworks Backyard Birding Workshop

Evergreen Don Valley Brickworks Song Sparrow
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After coming across a Twitter posting last week about the Evergreen Don Valley Brickworks hosting a backyard birding workshop, I decided to ask the kids if they wanted to venture down in the valley for such an excursion. The answer? “Sure daddy, sounds like fun”

So after registering and making our way down there, for the first time since the big redesign of the site, I was amazed at how much work had been done. We walked into the main building to a farmers market and in front of me was the old industrial planer that I had photographed during the Brickworks’ period of abandonment. Evergreen has cleaned up the old machinery and fitted this particular piece with a thick sheet of glass and repurposed it as the main information desk. What a conversation piece!

We made out way down the corridor to the Fido Room, we were met by very friendly staff and were soon on our way out into the quarry gardens to tally the bird population, participating in the Great Backyard Bird Count initiated by Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

Armed with our list of bird species and clipboards, we crossed the parking lot past the first set of bird feeders to a small creek area, newly planted with some shrubs to create some cover.  The image above was one of a few captured of a Song Sparrow, in this case getting hydrated.

A good day put on by Evergreen and the Toronto Regional Conservation Authority bird specialist from Tommy Thompson bird sanctuary, I hope that the kids’ interest was peaked enough for them to realize how much protecting the environment means to sustaining our future.

Thanks Evergreen and I hope to be back real soon, perhaps to monitor the feeding stations and have a natural venue to continue my passion of photography.


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