Digital Editing Process

Step 1: Use a Little Healing

Removed the cable line using the healing brush in Photoshop that went across the top of the image supporting the dock that you can just see the bottom of middle left. I also removed part of the dock frame to give a little more space for the final crop. Depending on the thickness of the item, the entire thing may be edited out as with the cable from the top.

Digital Edit Step 1

Step 2: Rotate for the Horizon

Rotated the canvas 1.5 degrees counter clock-wise to correct the horizon line of the frozen lake in the background. This is where using the guides comes in handy. I dragged a horizontal guide to the horizon line of the lake and then used the Arbitrary rotate until the two were parallel.

This also gives a little extra white for cropping just above the corner of the dock in the foreground at the bottom.

Digital Edit Step 2

Step 3: A Little Crop and Done

Cropping to remove unwanted items and add focus to the subject matter will increase the overall impact of the final image.

Digital Edit Step 3

Of course this is just one possibility. The key is to experiment and run with a few versions until you get to one you like. This is a great way to get to know your software. It is all about personal preference. Even this “final” version will probably be tweaked over time so think of it as final for now.


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Big Smoke Photography is based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. All images are Copyrighted and may not be used without permission.
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1 Response to Digital Editing Process

  1. sartenada says:

    Very well said: ”run with a few versions until you get to one you like.” So, I do, but not always.

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