How Did You Spend Your Earth Hour?

Earth Hour Candle on Checkerboard
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Earth Hour Candle on Checkerboard

Saturday night was an event that has drawn much criticism in the media as they track down public figures who have professed a stance on protecting the environment here in Toronto. The Toronto Star published an article (well more of a witch hunt really) where they staked out houses of prominent members like former Toronto mayor David Miller and others that openly promote environmental practice to see if they participated in Earth Hour Saturday night from 8:30pm to 9:30pm.

It was interesting to note that last year, the media treated it like New Year’s Eve with all the extra media coverage and broadcasting. I am sure they used more energy covering venues than on any other normal night. This year, at least one Toronto Star photographer put on some extra miles in the interest of a “story” when as David Miller rightly put it, something to the effect of it being absurd that the media focus on one hour of the year instead of looking at the whole year and the minute changes that are made in an effort to lessen the impact we have on the environment.

I for one did participate and elected for candle power, some board games and an unplugged guitar. Apart from that it is the everyday things like using compact flourescent bulbs in favour of incandescent and halogen, washing clothes in only cold water, turning down the thermostat or turning down the temperature setting on the hot water heater to name a few.

There are many more ways of conserving energy, not only during Earth Hour, but all year long. So what did you do to conserve energy? Leave a comment and let me know.


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