Tracking Fundraising Progress in Tableau

Tracking Fundraising Progress in Tableau

Tracking my fundraising progress compared to the previous two years for the 2014 Ride to Conquer Cancer.

Building this dashboard was pretty straight forward. The Ride to Conquer Cancer fundraising portal allows for downloading the list of donations as a CSV file. I created a worksheet for each year selecting the donation date field and specifying a set date range for the X-axis. I added tick marks for the first of every month and also added a reference line for January 1.

For the Y-axis, I selected the donation amount and created a running total to track overall donation levels and then added a reference line of $2500 which represents the minimum each rider must raise in order to participate in the 200km Ride to Conquer Cancer from Toronto to Niagara Falls. This allows me to quickly see how my fundraising is going compared to the target amount.

Repeating this process for each of the previous two years as well, I then created a dashboard containing the three worksheets vertically stacked. Since the X-axis is a fixed date range, all three worksheets then line up and I can easily compare my fundraising progress against the same time for the previous years.

In the above image, the current 2014 Ride Donations at January 10th is at $1000 whereas in 2013 by the same point it was just under $2000 and in 2012 I had already met the minimum fundraising objective of $2500.

Tableau has enabled me to quickly assess my fundraising progress at a glance without any heavy number crunching or programming and in just a few steps.

Please help The Princess Margaret Cancer Centre with a donation and help me reach my goal to participate.

Thank you.


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