Easy Bathroom Shower Head Replacement

Here is a quick and easy shower upgrade that won’t break the bank.

We had this hand-held Water Pik that just needed a little TLC. This is a nice 2 for 1 upgrade. The current shower head in the main bathroom just needs descaling and will be cleaned and moved to the basement bathroom to replace a regular cheap plastic shower head.

20140316-114722.jpg 20140316-120115.jpg
20140316-114924.jpg 20140316-114930.jpg

Step 1: Remove the existing shower head and clean the pipe threads. To descale the old shower head just place in some white vinegar and allow to soak over night.


Step 2: Install new shower head. With this particular shower head, there is no need for plumbers tape. Following the installation instructions, the diverter valve gets threaded on first. Then, thread the rain shower head on, and then attach the hose and hang the hand piece.

20140316-114821.jpg 20140316-114917.jpg

Total installation time was less than 5 minutes.

Stay tuned for the next stage of our bathroom renovation.


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