Windows XP Support and Older PCs

In case you missed it, Microsoft has discontinued support for a few of their staples, namely Windows XP, Office 2003 and a few others. As of yesterday, you are no longer supported for these products, and if you decided to go with Microsoft Security Essentials for virus protection, count that one in there too. Even though Security Essentials will still update its virus database, it will also tell you that your PC is at risk due to the now unsupported operating system.

Microsoft suggests upgrading to at least Windows 8 and offers a free utility for download to check if your system can run Windows 8. If your system is an older system and cannot run Windows 8, their suggestion, in a round about sort of way, GET WITH THE TIMES AND BUY A NEW SYSTEM!

For most photographers, it is not as easy as that though. With potentially thousands invested in editing software, Microsoft is basically telling you to turn around and spend thousands again just because they discontinued support for something that works just fine, especially on older PCs.


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