Don Valley / Taylor Creek Park Training Ride

Ride Ready

What a great day to go for a ride. A sunny January 7th with above zero temperature. This is the first of many training rides In preparation for my 200km + Ride to Conquer Cancer from Niagara Falls to Toronto in June.

Also grabbed the G11 to take some pics on the trail where there was ice and snow covering the trail but that was in about 5 or 6 spots.

The result was a 32km (20 mile) ride that I have also posted on my Strava account which organizes and tracks the activities I log with my Garmin Edge 500 GPS and integrates a whole bunch of statistics around the routes that I have taken for both my own progress, and compares it to anyone that has taken the same routes. There is also a social aspect that goes beyond the simple “Share This” and allows you to follow other members and post comments, give kudos and invite others. 

This was probably the largest patch on the trail that wrapped around and across the river crossing.

Taylor Creek Park - Trail Conditions

For the most part though, the sun was out and the trail dry. The arm warmers that Conquer Cancer provided worked like a charm in the 5 degrees Celsius. Dressing for the weather makes up most of the battle at this time of year and making sure you are adequately protected makes all the difference in the world when it comes to enjoying the ride or loathing it. Just take it easy riding over patches of snow and ice. No sudden moves, coast in a straight line and you will be fine.


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